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ARTS & SKILLS participates in European projects focused on the continuous improvement of the Vocational Education and Training in Portugal and Europe since 2015. We share experiences and develop skills/competences by working together with other training organisations in Europe.

ENNE+ – Strengthening National VET Networks through Eco-Innovation

The general objective of the ENNE+ project is to strengthen the capacity of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers to contribute to transformative and sustainable change in their local communities, through networking networks, capacity building and challenge-based activities, in the field of eco-innovation.

The project activities will promote the quality and attractiveness of VET, with a specific focus on the field of ecological and green innovation, through:

• Involvement of existing VET National Networks of Excellence in the development and integration of solutions and approaches to improve the attractiveness of VET, adapting the Social Hackademy methodology to the VET domain and organizing Hackathons;

• Creation of innovative, VET-oriented eco-communities, involving them in the design, incubation and sustainable exploitation of green technology solutions;

• Facilitate knowledge sharing between organizations and the establishment of partnerships to ensure lasting impact, locally, nationally and internationally.

CO-HOST – Creating Opportunities for VET mobility in HOSpitality and Tourism

The overall objective of the CO-HOST project is to support mobility projects between European Union member states and Western Balkans countries. It aims at the enhancement of skills and competences of VET learners, in order to improve and modernize the VET system in enlargement countries. The project focuses on Tourism, Marketing and Hospitality, with a strong emphasis on green and entrepreneurial skills, as it encourages forms of tourism that respect the environment, local cultures and that contribute to the sustainable development of the territories.

The specific objectives of the CO-HOST project are:

• To share best practices among VET providers coming from EU and enlargement countries, encouraging the involvement of VET providers in EU cooperation and mobility projects;
• To improve technical and pedagogical skills of VET staff from enlargement countries;
• To improve technical, transversal and soft skills of VET students from enlargement countries, in order to improve their occupational prospects;
• To establish solid national networks in the Western Balkans countries.

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ENNE – European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET

ENNE is a European Project that supported the establishment of 5 Euroepan networks of VET -Vocational Education and Training – providers in five countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal and Belgium. The project also promotes the enhancement of VET quality and attractiveness, with a specific focus on mobility opportunities.

The specific objectives are:

• To foster communication and cooperation among VET providers, also disseminating EU programmes, initiatives and tools;
• To share best practices among VET providers;;
• To foster capacity building for the effective implementation of European programmes;
• To encourage the involvement of VET providers and countries that have poor representation in EU cooperation projects.

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IntoQuality – Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations Fostering Mobility in Europe

The IntoQuality project took place between 2016 and 2018 and was developed by 6 partners from 6 European countries. Its main goal was to create a more favourable environment for youth exchanges and mobility programmes in the field VET. Although a few EU-wide networks with the aim to encourage cooperation between EU organisations for mobility already existed, none of them focused on the quality of the services provided by members. At a first glance, the more members in a network, the more opportunities to find a suitable partner. However, quantity does not equal quality. The lack of transparency in practices and prices and the lack of common rules and indicators for quality assurance of the provided service are barriers to start a cooperation with new partners.

With this in mind, the IntoQuality project was able to:

• Create a “European Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations in Mobility” (EAQOM) united around a common definition of quality and cost-benefit mobility services;
• Develop a Quality Assurance System (QAS) that ensures a broad visibility of trusted intermediary organizations involved in mobility projects;
• Develop an Interactive Monitoring Application for mobility beneficiaries allowing a continuous evaluation and improvement of the mobility experience.

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