“One of the challenges faced by training in the 21st century is to build flexible learning models, capable of responding to a learning society that demands more and more flexibility and adaptation to the successive changes.”


Arts & Skills was established in 2014, in Guimarães, with the purpose of providing an integrated set of training solutions, consultancy and European mobility opportunities to its clients aiming their continuous improvement.
Arts & Skills is your partner in training and consulting initiatives to improve your management skills to innovation and excellence.
Certified by DGERT (General Directorate for Employment and Labour Relations) in 17 fields of education and training, Arts & Skills develops tailor-made training actions, enhancing the value of human resources and providing also consulting services adjusted to the specific needs of its clients.
Arts & Skills has also a team of technicians, trainers, scientific coordinators and consultants with technical and pedagogical know-how in planning, implementing and evaluating training programs and consulting services.
Based on its internationalization strategy, Arts & Skills believes that the international mobility of people generates progress, innovation, creativity and competitiveness.


Respond to the needs of people and organizations by
providing high quality services, thus, contributing to the social and economic development of the region.


By 2026, be recognized as the reference partner that exceeds all expectations.


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